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The Milky Way raising over the UDSAC observatory field.   Photo by Bryan Cogdell

Providing the Dark Sky Experience for the Next Generation of Astronomers

Welcome to the exciting times for one of the oldest fields of science, astronomy. The rate of data obtained from both earthbound and space studies are unprecedented. New data verified century old theories and are challenging some of the traditionally accepted ideas regarding how the universe is structured. However, the progressive encroachment of light pollution from populated centers has diminished what were formally pristine dark skies. This loss impacts almost everyone, but we are most concerned for the new generation of astronomy students. While their future careers may focus on deep space studies, most young astronomers may never observe stars under traditional dark sky conditions. The University Dark Sky Astronomy Consortium (UDSAC) has been established to help university and college astronomy programs provide their students with the opportunity to experience working under pristine Dark Skies.

Our Team

Abe Schwartz, PhD

Martin Cohen

Emma Fernandez, PhD

Peter Ingram, PhD

Frank Mandy, MS

Sidney McNairy, Jr., PhD, DSc

Phil Sherman, MCIS

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