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Thank you for your interest in the UDSAC. Below you will find the information concerning the UDSAC Institutional Membership Fees.


Membership Fees



Charter Membership Fee      $35,000

The first twelve (12) Institutional Members will be considered Charter Members and qualify for a Reduced Annual Membership Fee for the first five years.


Regular Membership Fee       $50,000

The Regular Annual Membership Fee will apply to Institutions joining after the first 12 Members.



Payment Schedule


First Year


Initial Advanced Fee      $20,000

This portion of the Annual Membership will be due upon joining the UDSAC and will be used for the

construction of the observatory.


Remainder of the Annual Fee  

The remainder is due at the installation of the astronomy equipment and is the start date of the annual membership.  

$15,000 (Charter) 

$30,000 (Regular)


Following Four (4) Years                         

Payment of the Annual Charter/Regular Membership

Fee is due on the anniversary of equipment installation.

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